In Denmark there is a good and longstanding tradition for books written and edited by women.

In this well-formulated and reflective book about the great questions in life 13 different women relate their experiences. The themes are female ones: becoming a mother, a grandmother, being a daughter, having handicapped children, spiritual quest and personal development, daring to exceed one's limitations and not least the difficult task of being true to oneself.

The book will cause discussion as to whether there exists a specifically female field of experience that deserves further attention. The authors do not directly express their opinions on this, thus providing material for an exciting and important debate.

The tone of the book is serious and low-keyed; it possesses an immediately inspirational and strangely timeless strength and is a challenge to endurance and to love in a world undergoing great changes in both private and public spheres.

It is a life-giving book whose authors are able to view the many changes and processes as constructive and progressive. Women of all ages will gain much from reading this book. It can be compared with the popular diary edited by Lone Kuhlmann: What do women want? (1998).

The striking photo-montages by Gitte and Sisse Jarner underline the mood of the book in the best possible manner.

Anny Skov Madsen, Librarian