To the women writers of A Given Life,

For the past 10 years, the University of Houston-Downtown has celebrated Women's Month during the month of March. It is a celebration of women's lives through art, music, poetry, food, literature, history, psychology, politics, the law, and film.  For the year 2001, we would like to invite you -- the women writers of "A Given Life"- to be a part of the celebration.  We are planning several events in which you would be integral to answering the questions of context and common themes.  We hope to create deep discussion, sharing of conflicts and resolutions, silence and noise, and a sense that there is something about being "born woman" that transcends language and culture. Students and faculty alike will be reading  A Given Life, and will be prepared to join with the women of Denmark in thinking about the details of our lives that provide meaning - birth, death, disability, caring, sexuality, aging, menstruation, children, illness, productivity, and work.  In an era in which essentialism seems secondary to differences brought about through developmental processes, what aspects femaleness remain and, in fact, flourish, because of the choices we want to make as women?  You are invited to Houston, Texas, to be part of our celebration of life. Please come, stay with us, share meals, and help us think about this new century of life we have created.

With sincere anticipation,
Linda Vaden-Goad, Ph.D.
Past Chair, Women's Month
Member, Women's Month Committee 2001
Chair, Department of Social Sciences
Associate Professor of Psychology
President, Texas Conference: American Association of University Professors
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