About the Authors of A Given Life
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Susanne Nyrop: I was born in 1950 in Gladsaxe. Number two of five siblings. Early on I had a great desire to have children myself and got two in a row shortly after having finished school. Unexpected I had to manage them on my own after 7 exciting years with an imaginative and unpredictable man. At a time I got fed up working as an unsatisfied teacher with others halfway-uncared-for children and started a new phase in life that I share with Bernt, who is 25 years older than me. I have carried out my dream and is on my way to starting the thesis in educational informantics Susanne Nyrop - click for enlargement
Bente Holm Nielsen: I was born in 1941. Only child. Three broken relationships. Mother of three. Grandmother. After leaving school worked as junior clerk at a lawyer's office. Later became estate agent. A-levels in 1976. Graduated in medicine in 1989. Interests: feminism, reproductive health, skiing in Norway, percussion, my garden and webmastership, ie this site, Danish Women's Society, Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine Bente Holm Nielsen - click for enlargement
Anne Møller: I was born in 1946. Interests: My family, to give everyone credit (and not just money), everyday things, developing books and cartoons for children and teenagers as well as travel. Family: Sadly there’s nobody left from my childhood except Busen, the man in my life whom I met when I was 12 and am still married to. I gave birth to my favorite daughter Fanny on April 10th 1973 and I have been grateful for her ever since. Anne Møller - click for enlargement

Ida Hoeck: I was born in 1960 in Ribe and am a sociologist. I met my husband in 1986. We got married in 1992 and had our first child soon afterwards. Our second child was born in 1994. I was widowed in 1995.
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Charlotte Ferslev Møller: I am 37 years old, borne at Frederiksberg, but was brought up in Maribo. Having finished high school I moved to Copenhagen where I studied English at University. Now I am employed as a co-ordinating consultant in an organization working with women's movement and equality. I am married to Andreas for over nine years and it took a lot of effort to get Louise, who has now for four years surprised, teased, charmed and fascinated us. Charlotte Ferslev Møller - click for enlargement
Else-Marie Hedegård Hansen: I was born 25.3.1960 in Kolding but have lived in Vejle during childhood and youth. In 1981 I was married to Johannes Hansen, him I call Johs. 1984 was the year where I graduated as a teacher specialized in music and religion. In 1989 we moved to Lemvig to start an Apostolic Free Church (no, it's not a sect!). Johs and I have five children (Josias, Jonatan, Josefine, Sebastian and Sophia) who I have chosen to take care of at home for a longer period.
Anne Christen Hansen: I was born in 1934. I qualified as a teacher and taught children in Sorø, Denmark, and Redwood Valley, California. Later, I taught at an American culture center in Santiago, Chile, for 15 years. Then I returned to Denmark and took a degree in Spanish. I am currently working on my PhD in relation to a regional development project in Chile. I have two sons and three grandchildren. Anne Christen Hansen - click for enlargement

Jorunn Frøili:
I was born in Oslo as the youngest of three sisters, one of them is only five minutes older than me and the other one is six years older. I qualified at Oslo University, specializing in Nordic languages and literature. Since 1985 I have been a university lector responsible for training interpreters. At present we live in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania where my husband is employed at the Norwegian Embassy. Our two sons, born in 1986 and 1988, attend the international school here. I am working on a research project concerning communication through an interpreter.

Eva Erson:
My name is said to mean life in Hebrew. All my life I have been a very timid person. As soon as I have passed through a trial, a new pops up, as Medusas heads! Life gets exciting that way. My friends give me the support, resistance and love that I need to develop and they are very important in my life. To bike, hike in the mountains and to grow the garden is good and vigorous contrasts to my work at university, where I am occupied with linguistics and women's studies. I am 57, unmarried and have no children.
Ilse Diederichs: I was born in 1953 and grew up in Copenhagen in a working-class environment. Have two daughters born in 1976 and 1980. Qualified cand.scient.pol and cand.mag. During my studies I worked in day-care-institutions. Now I am employed in a commercial school and teach social studies and German. I am feminist and a member of the group "Gen-etisk-netværk" (Gen-ethical-network). Ilse Diederichs - click for enlargement
Pia Deleuran: I was born near Copenhagen in 1960 and am a lawyer in private practice. I have a degree in Educational Theory and Practice from Copenhagen University. I currently combine my legal and educational backgrounds in research at the Graduate School of Lifelong Learning at Roskilde University. My family consists of my husband, also a lawyer, two sons of 16 and 19 and occasionally 8 year old twin girls for whom we act as a relief family.
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Pia Deleuran

Karen Smedegaard Christensen:
I was born in 1965, the youngest of seven children. Grew up on a farm in Jutland. I have been married to Claus for thirteen years. Three children. My youngest daughter has started school. I am training to be an illustrator.

Charlotte Bakkemose:
I was born in the bright spring of 1969 in Skælskør, Zeeland, as the eldest of three children. In 1978 my family "emigrated" to Vejle in Jutland. After leaving school I tried to decide what I wanted to be. I thought I would make a living using my creative and artistic talents, but in 1995 I qualified as a kindergarten teacher. My passion is my little son, Lukas - he is the greatest joy of my life. I am married to Susanne, the light of my heart. I have known her for sixteen years.

Gine Jarner:
I am 26 and grew up as the middle child of a journalist and the third generation of photographers on my mother's side. As a teenager I had a natural dislike to follow in my parents footsteps but quickly learned to appreciate my "inborn" talent. In 1996 I finished my education as an advertising photographer and after that I have experimented together with my mother on electronic photo processing. The most important things in my life are my very close friends and my big family.

Sisse Jarner: I am 52 and grew up in a family where being together and having fun was most important. When I turned 15 I served my apprenticeship as a press photographer in Pressehuset. I then spent 19 years at TV-Avisen (The Daily News). I became self-employed in 1996. The most important aspect in my life is family. It consists of my children Sille, Gine and Ulrik, my grandchildren Shiva and Luna, and my husband Niels. Homepage