A GIVEN LIFE - extracts from the stories

Susanne Nyrop

Go for IT!
How a little girl who loved to play with mud pies grew up and, as a mature woman, began to experiment with computers

My virtual brain extension creates new adventures on my inner screen. I stand between the end of one chapter in my life story and the beginning of the next.

Bente Holm Nielsen
A naughty word with three letters
Surviving without daily contact
with one's children

Finally the declaration was so detailed
that even the children knew, down to the date and the hour,
when contact was permitted.

Anne Møller
My red suitcase
Growing up without a father

I don't know what it's like to grow up without a father
- because I don't know any other way.

Ida Hoeck
A Given Life?
The loss of a husband

He tells me how happy he is to be alive
and how much he loves us.

Charlotte Ferselv Møller
Getting help to become pregnant

I simply do not believe any more that we will ever manage to make a baby by ourselves.

Else Marie Hedegård Hansen
Faith in Daily Life
Living in close contact with God

Suddenly I experienced a glimpse of what it means to be loved by God.

Anne Christen Hansen
A Granny's tale
Looking after Grandchildren

I felt I was prepared for everything. Healthy food in the fridge and a freezer packed with dinners suitable for children.

Jorunn Frøili
And that's my wife
Four scenes illustrating the bounds of intimacy

We were all intrigued: What, no face? Only a breast?

Eva Erson
Books, potty training and life
Analysing gender and class. Going public

I had dreams which were both confusing and clarifying.

Ilse Diederichs
Mother is the best
About birth and motherhood

Oh yes, women are indeed dangerous for both children and men, and the witch hunt is still flourishing - but in a more subtle version than the witch burning of former times!

Pia Deleuran
Florence Nightingale's Daughter in Action
When parents need help

For my mother, it was not a matter of choice. She insisted that her husband should be at home.

Karen Smedegaard
A period of life with handicapped children

I will never forget all the decisions I made on behalf of my children.

Charlotte Bakkemose
The Goddess of Fortune Comes my Way
On accepting one's sexual

I allowed myself to experience this feelings, and they were genuine. I allowed myself to express my feelings for my friend.