To whom it may concern 16 September 1999

It has been a pleasure to publish the anthology "A given life". One very seldom meets such personal commitment and such zeal as have characterized the editors as well as the contributors with regard to both the text and the photo-collages.

The resulting book is extremely relevant and very attractive; it has made a great impression on the Danish book market wherever it has appeared. It has been particularly pleasing to note that the review published by the Danish Folk Libraries is entirely enthusiastic.

Life experiences are of course universal in essence, and the multifarious personal histories in the anthology substantiate this.

The book will appeal to people of all nationalities, whatever their way of life and cultural background.

For this reason the publishing firm, Spektrum, hopes that the book will be very successfully published outside Denmark and we hereby support the initiative with our very best recommendations.

Werner Svendsen
Spektrum Forlag
Snaregade 4
DK-1205 København K